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About Us

Doordarshan Kendra with state of art technology was commissioned on 13th August’ 2005 and all facilities from Old Kendra were shifted from Akashvani Bhawan to Doordarshan Bhawan Phase II.

Doordarshan Kendra is a ten storey building constructed with two basements and houses six studios over a plinth of area 19,500 sq. meters.

All studios are equipped with Modern state-of-the-art Digital equipments. In total there are six Studios of which two are 50 Sq.m in size with a height of 9 m merged into one 100 Sq.m studio which cater to the DD National transmission activities and is situated on the first floor. This Studio has fixed light grids and has energy efficient lights installed.

The other studios are of the size of 133 Sq.m with height a height of 9 m utilized for 24X 7 DD News channel transmission and is situated on the first floor, 250 Sq.m, 393 Sq.m each with a height of 14 m utilized for the Kendra’s in house recordings and 625 Sq.m with a height of 14 m exclusively used for recordings of DD News (News and current affair programs) and telecast of News bulletins for DD National , DD Urdu and important Live programs during Elections and Budget. The three large studios are located in the ground floor of the building. All these studios are equipped with indigenously manufactured moving light battens with lights controlled by modern DMX controller.

Activities by Doordarshan Kendra Delhi

  1. DD National. 24X7 transmission with state of art editing and its packaging facility.
  2. DD Bharati. 24X7 transmission with state of art editing facility and state of art facility for its packaging.
  3. DD Rajya Sabha. Live telecast of proceeding of Rajya Sabha of Parliament through state of art programme control Room and eight camera Robotic camera set up linked up to Doordarshan Bhawan Phase II through Optical Fiber Links and Microwave Links.
  4. DD HD Channel . Doordarshan is telecasting daily three hours playout for DD HD Channel from 19:00 to 22:00 hrs through DD Direct+ DTH.
  5. DD Archives at Akashvani Bhawan. State of art archiving and Archangel Phc /Grass Valley restoration equipment with playback facilities in primitive tape formats like 2inch Ampex, 1inch BCN, 1inch Sony U-matic and ½ inch Beta analog video tape recorders onto DVC 50 digital format and DIV Archive hard disk format using state of art Dalet media asset management.
  6. Modern DVB S (8+1) and DVB SII compliant (1+1) High Definition Earth station with Tandberg NMS software oriented on INSAT 4B.
  7. OB Vans: Two Full digital Eight camera OB Vans and one 4 camera HDTV OB Vans for Outside Broadcast for entire Doordarshan Network.
  8. Five Camera in house developed OB van with fitted (1+1) Digital Satellite terminal (DSNG).
  9. Two camera OB Van with fitted (1+1) Digital Satellite terminal (DSNG).
  10. One DSNG flyway each for C and Ku Band for remote uplinks.
  11. DVB- Handheld Setup at Akashvani Bhawan in collaboration with NOKIA for viewing 15 DD Channels on DVB-H enabled Nokia GSM phones within the aerial distance of five kilometers around Akashvani Bhawan.