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Advertisement Rates

Rate Cards

DD National

SNo. Category SBR
(in Rs.)
Sponsorship Fee
(in Rs.)
(in secs.)
I. Outside Produced      
a) Prime Time      
     i) 9.00 PM - 11.00 PM (All days) 60,000/- 3,50,000/- 150
    ii) 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM (Sunday) 60,000/- 3,50,000/- 150
b) Mid Prime Time      
     i) Afternoon Soaps 12.00 Noon - 2.00 PM 15,000/- 1,00,000/- 150
c) Non- Prime Time 15,000/- 50,000/- 150
II. In-House, Doordarshan Produced, Commissioned, Royalty Programmes      
a) Prime Time 60,000/- 3,50,000/- 150
b) Mid-Prime Time 15,000/- 1,00,000/- 150
c) Non-Prime Time 15,000/- 50,000/- 150


1) Doordarshan, however, reserves the right to increase or decrease the FCT from programme to programme.
2) Doordarshan can upgrade / downgrade the category of Doordarshan produced programmes as per requirements.
3) The producer shall be allowed to buy extra additional commercial time up to 180 seconds in each half hour at SBR.


I. Prime Time - 7.30 PM - 10.00 PM daily
II. Non Prime Time - Remaining time zones.


Category SBR 
(in Rs.)
Sponsorship Fee
(in Rs.)
(in secs.)
Prime Time 2,000/- 65,000/- 210
Non-Prime Time 1,000/- 3,000/- 210


Prime Time - 6.30 PM - 11.30 PM
Non-Prime Time - Any other time

  Category Spot Buy Rate
(in Rs)
Sponsorship Fee
(in Rs)
(in secs.)
I. Outside Produced Programmes (film based, non-film based)      
a) Prime Time - 15,000 210
b) Non-Prime time - 7,500 210
II. Doordarshan Produced/Acquired Programmes      
a) Prime Time 5,000 - -
b) Non-Prime Time 2,500 - -

Spot Buy Rates

Prime Time – Rs. 5,000
Non-Prime Time – Rs. 2,500

Rate Card for other properties (DD News)

a) Stock Ticker / Crawler (Branding) Rs 5.00 lacs for one month The brand logo would be displayed in the ticker, twice in the alphabet series A-Z depicting the price movements. In Crawler branding, the message (as per Doordarshan specifications) shall be run once in a single cycle
b) Branding of coming up next graphic slides of forthcoming programme One Spot Buy Rate at time band in which it appears Right bottom corner for the brand name / logo as Super, OR 5 second Tag with punch line (opening & closing of segment)
c) Branding of special segments (Weather/Sports/Business/World news etc) One Spot Buy Rate at time band in which it appears 5 second Tag with punch line (opening and closing segment)
d) News Digest Branding One Spot Buy Rate at time band in which it appears Right bottom corner for the brand name / logo as Super
e) Headline News Sponsorship One Spot Buy Rate at time band in which it appears 5 second Tag with punch line (opening and closing segment)

Hiring of technical facilities

S.No. Details of Technical Facilities Duration Domestic User
Foreign user
US $
1 PLAYBACK / RECORDING BETACAM / DVC 30 mts. 350 150  
2 PLAYBACK / RECORDING VHS / VCD / DVD 30 mts. 100 15  
3 AB ROLL EDIT SUITE (Linear/non linear) 60 mts. 1300 350  
4 ENG CAMCODER (BETA /DVC PRO) Per hour 1000 200 With standard accessories
5 COLOUR OB VAN WITH 5 CAMERA UNITS & OTHER ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENTS) Per hour 12,000 2,000 Hiring charges to be worked out as per details given in the Note (c), (d), (e), (f) & (g) below eight hours.
6  EFP VAN WITH TWO CAMERA SETUP Per hour 3,500 500 Hiring charges to be worked out as per details given in the Note (c), (d.), (e), (f) & (g) below.
7  M/W LINK Per hour 4,000 200 Transportation of equipment and crew to be arranged by the party. Mode of transport shall be equivalent to AC-2 Tier of Train.
8 TELECINE (T/K) TO VCR DUBBING Per hour 2,000 600  
9 COLOR STUDIO Up to THREE CAMERA SETUP (SIZE <100 Sq.m >50 Sq.m) Per hour 7000 350 With standard production facilities
10 COLOR STUDIO Up to THREE CAMERA SETUP (Studio Size >100 Sq.m) Per hour 8,000 400 With standard production facilities
11  DSNG Deployment days 80000 2500 Hiring charges to be worked out as per details given in the Note (c), (f) & (g) below.
    Non-Deployment days 40000 1500
12 UPLINKING CHARGES First 10 minutes (Minimum) 7,500 250 Without space segment
    Additional per minute 300 10
13 SPACE SEGMENT CHARGES First 10 minutes (Minimum.) 2000 50 Space segment will be provided only on leased transponder of Doordarshan
    Additional per minute 200 5
14 DOWNLINKING CHARGES First 10 minutes (Minimum) 2,500 150 With down link Dish already installed otherwise additional Rs. 20000 incase the down link is to installed afresh
    Additional per minute. 200 5
15 COMMENTATOR BOOTH EQUIPMENT Per hour 1,500 150 With two mikes, colour monitor, headphones, Audio Mixer and Power supply.
17 IRD Per Shift 1500 50  
18 CLIP MAIL Per hour 2000 100 PSTN charges are to be borne by the client
19 SAT PHONE Per Shift 5000 400 Transportation with one crew by air & Satellite charges to be borne by the client
  BETACAM/DVC pro CASSETTE 30 mts. 1000 40  
BETACAM/DVC Pro CASSETTE 60 mts. 1600 60  
BETACAM/DVC Pro CASSETTE 90 mts 2600 75  
VHS/CD CASSETTE 180 mts 150 5  


(a) For all facilities the charges are to be levied for minimum time unit of 60 minutes except for S.No 1 & 2 where it is 30 minutes. Sl. No 12, 13 & 14 it is 10 minutes. For S. No. 16,17 & 19 it is per shift of eight hours. For Sl. No. 11 it is for deployment day.
(b) For items where the equipment/OB Van/DSNG is to be taken out of the Doordarshan kendra, the actual time of its usage/hiring by the party would have to be calculated from the time it leaves the kendra and till the time it returns back in the Kendra.
(c) In order to simplify the outstation hiring, two types of the cases have been formed. Case-1 where outstation is from out of the city limit up to 700 kms. Case-2 where the outstation hiring is from 700 to 1500 Kms. Hiring more than 1500 kms shall be as such discouraged. 
(d) In case of Hiring of outstation equipment/OB vans/DSNG, the components need to be charged are: Transportation Charges (Fixed mentioned below)), Hiring Charges during Journey Period (At the rate of 30% of the normal hiring charges), Normal hiring charges during deployment & Non-deployment (Indicated in the Rate card), TA/DA of the staff (Indicated below), However, there is some difference in case of outstation DSNG hiring, the details of which are specified below in (g).
(e) For Case-1- Fixed Transportation charges Rs.25, 000/-, Fixed Journey Period 3 days. For Case-2 - Fixed Transportation Charges Rs. 45,000/-, Fixed Journey Period 6 days. Note: During the Journey period the Hiring charges shall be at the rate of 30 % of the normal listed hiring charges.
(f) TA for the staff Case1- Rs. 30,000 (For OB Van) and Rs. 10,000 for DSNG-drive away van. TA for the staff Case2 - Rs. 50,000 (For OB Van) and Rs. 15,000 for DSNG-drive away van. No separate TA to be charged in case of DSNG Fly-away as its transportation includes TA of the staff. DA for the staff in all cases have to be charged flat at the rate of Rs. 400/- per day per person; from the time staff leaves the kendra and returns back.  Staff requirement for OB Van & DSNG van will be 16 and 5 respectively. For DSNG-Fly-away staff is 2 Nos.
(g) Transportation charges for DSNG-Flyaway by air will be Rs 1.25 lakhs, which shall have no journey period for charging purpose. For DSNG-drive away Van Rs.25000 & Rs 45000 will be charged as fixed transportation charges and with a fixed journey period of 3 Days & 6 Days for Case-1 & Case-2 respectively.
Note: a.) During the Journey period the Hiring charges shall be at the rate of 30 % of the normal Deployment charges along with TA/DA of staff; the details of which are indicated above. b.) If DSNG needs to be installed one day in advance of the coverage day due to either testing session desired by the party or if the coverage starts in the forenoon session on the coverage day, the previous day shall also be charged as Non-deployment day.
(h) The charges for all the technical facilities include the cost of the operating Crew. As such these equipments while being taken out of Doordarshan premises will always be accompanied by Doordarshan Operating crew.
(i) All efforts would be made to honour the commitment. However, Doordarshan shall not be liable for any damages/charges for any break in service due to any unforeseen circumstances including sudden failure of equipment etc.,
(j) There is one uniform rate for all types of users, i.e., Private, Government, and Semi-government or Charitable outfits.


1 The amount is to be taken in advance from the domestic users through Bank Drafts by the Kendra hiring the facility. In case of foreign users, an assurance from the concerned Embassy regarding making payment within 30 days of receipt of invoice will have to be furnished otherwise hiring charges are to be deposited in advance through bank draft as indicated above. Payment collection, in case of all foreign users, has to be done by IMD Doordarshan Directorate. In case payments are delayed, Doordarshan reserves the right to charge interest @ 12% per annum on delayed payments.
2 Cancellation charges for coverage within the city: In case the facilities are cancelled after booking, the cancellation charges at the following rates will be applicable:
(I) Before 3 days of actual booking - 10%
(ii) Between 3 days and 24 hours - 50%
(iii) Within 24 hours - 75%
Cancellation charges in case the facilities are offered outside the city and the cancellation happens during the journey period
In addition to 25% of the normal hiring cost as per rate card for one shift of coverage, the Fixed charges as Transportation charges, Journey Period hiring Charges, Staff TA and DA for 3 days depending on the Case-1 & 2 is also to be charged.
3 The rates are subject to periodical revision.