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DD Archives

Doordarshan Archives located at Akashwani Bhawan,Parliament Street,New Delhi. DD Archives is a treasure house of many memorable performances of the great artistes who have contributed to India’s rich music and dance heritage. This is an endeavour to bring some of the exquisite performances of enduring beauty to reach out to a larger audience celebrating the spirit of a singing and dancing nation.
Doordarshan Archive is equipped with the following features :

  • Tape Cleaning equipments for different format.
  • Multi format Preview suits.
  • Multi format dubbing suits with the facility of Grass Valley High quality Noise reduction system.
  • Snell Wilcox High quality Digital Restoration Archangel Ph-C system.
  • DPS Velocity and Adobe Premier Pro Non Linear editing system with the facility of diamond for video restoration and audition for audio restoration.
  • Different Graphics systems.
  • DVD Burning equipments.
  • Tape Library Metadata System.
  • Different format tape Libraries with Compactors.
  • Media Asset Management system.

Media Asset Management System:
Doordarshan archives has huge and valuable Media Asset Management system.
This system is equipped with state of art technology and the main features are as under:

  • Eight work stations for ingesting the content.
  • Six work stations for low resolution browsing.
  • Powerful metadata management capability for effective cataloguing & retrieval.
  • Web-based interface to the users with remote access capability. It also supports Multilingual capability.
  • Powerful search engine enabling the user to search by using name of artist, metadata Keyword or unique ID.
  • System has also got on powerful Netapp “on line storage” and Diva Arch. Library with LTO 4 tape cartridge “Near-Line Storage” and “DVD authoring system”.
  • System has functionality of viewing the selected high-resolution material from their respective storage and can export the high-resolution material to VTR.