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Welcome to Doordarshan Kendra Delhi

Doordarshan Kendra Delhi is one of the oldest Kendra started on experimental basis on September 15, 1959 from a makeshift studio at Akashvani Bhawan in New Delhi as part of All India Radio. It started with 20 TV receivers in and around Delhi and transmitted one hour educational and developmental programs twice a week. Regular daily transmission started in 1965. The Government of India constituted Doordarshan in 1976 as the public television broadcaster, as a separate Department under the Broadcasting. Its emblem resembles with Angara,Gondwana and Sea of early timing of earth formation that happens to be its signature tune even today .In 1982, all of Doordarshan regional stations were networked using INSAT 1A and a national feed called National Programme was introduced was also started from Akashvani Bhawan fifth floor . Later that year, Delhi played host to Asian Games 1982 which were covered by the Doordarshan Kendra Delhi from same office at Akashvani Bhawan. To increase the channel's reach, the government launched a program to set up low and high power transmitters that would pick-up the satellite distributed signals and re-transmit them to surrounding areas. By 1983, television signals were available to 28% of the Indian population. Fueled by the success of the channel's commercialization and increased revenue from advertising, the channel's reach and popularity continued to grow and in 1990, the channel reached more than 90% of the Indian population. For the first few years after its inception, the channel only aired educational and informative programs with news being one of the biggest draw. Once the national feed started in 1982, the channel started airing regional and local shows on time-sharing basis. For most Indian states, this meant one national and one local news telecast. This Kendra soon started airing entertainment shows and popularity of some of the earliest series such as Hum Log, film-based shows such as Chitrahaar and Hindi movies resulted in a gradual increase in entertainment and commercial programming. Rangoli is the oldest programme on DD National, dedicated to Classic Hindi songs.

Till mid-80s, the Kendra’s transmission was limited to evenings only. On February 11, 1987, the channel introduced morning transmission with a two hour telecast. This included ten minute news bulletins in Hindi and English apart from other short shows. On January 1, 1989, afternoon transmission, aimed at housewives and children, was launched.